Swimming With Sharks

It is estimated that 12 million Americans swim with the sharks (Loans Sharks that is) by taking out payday loans each year.

About 70% of those Americans report using the money to pay regular living expenses, such as rent, utilities and credit card bills.

Payday lenders describe their loan products as a sensible solution, a quick fix, to your financial emergency. When in reality, these types of loans create a big financial crisis. The choice to use payday loans is largely driven by desperation, but for most borrows, it is impossible to repay the entire loan on their next payday.

If they can't pay the loan off, then they are forced to borrow again or rollover the loan and pay additional fees. The typical borrower becomes trapped in this cycle of debt for an average of nine payday loan transactions at annual interest rates over 400%.

Before long, this cycle of debt destroys the ability to budget for basic living expenses like groceries, car insurance and gasoline.

In this informative workshop, we take an in-depth look at ways to eliminate these types of debts. Plus, we will show your guests how to avoid having to use these types of loans in the future.

Your guests will leave this workshop with the knowledge, encouragement and inspirations to make better financial decisions that will help them avoid the sharks!