Marriage & Money

After the honeymoon, quite often couples don't spend a lot of time talking about money. One person or the other usually takes control of the household finances while the other one drifts through life trusting that their spouse is handling everything. Although this may work for a while, it generally doesn’t work forever.

Remember, once a couple ties the knot, it is no longer her money and his money, it is their money. What if he wants to spend their money on golf and she wants to spend it on shoes? Before long this will cause the two of them to fight about money.

Leaving all of the control to the discretion of one person, who may not even be qualified to handle the finances, is a bad plan.

Teaching your guests how to communicate about money will help them to create a life story that will end with..."and they lived happily ever after."

In this informative workshop, your guests will learn how to communicate about money with their spouse. We will discuss the importance of doing a monthly budget together and share ways to change habits that may be impacting the family finances.

Although this workshop is designed for married couples, we are happy to offer a workshop that will help couples communicate about money before they tie the knot. This special workshop would include the importance of creating and sticking to a wedding budget.

Regardless of the how long your guests have been together, they will leave this workshop encouraged and inspired to start communicating more about money.