Financial Life Skills

For years, the American educational system has failed to teach financial educational programs as a required part of the educational process. We don't understand why American History or Science is a high school graduation requirement and financial literacy is not!

But it does not stop there; many colleges and universities don't offer these programs either. How is someone supposed to learn about money if no one is teaching it? No wonder the average 25 year old American can't write a budget or balance a checkbook.

Our Financial Life Skills workshop is not a complex and boring accounting class. We'll make it fun and informative! Your guests will learn the basic principles of money management including a practical understanding of budgeting, compound interest, finance charges and much more. We will cover the importance of living within ones means, the need for an emergency fund and the need for a retirement fund. We will show you how to eliminate unexpected expenses by creating a SMART savings plan.

Your guests will leave this workshop with the knowledge of how money works and be able to apply this information to their everyday lives.