Debt Reduction

Not all debt is bad. When used properly it can help us buy a home, a car or even finance a boat. The problem is that debt has become the solution for many people who want to buy things they can’t afford.

Over time this debt becomes suffocating. Using debt in this way is not only very costly, but it can be very dangerous. It can destroy families and ruin friendships.

In this workshop, we take an in-depth look at the impacts of debt. For those guests that are looking for a way out, we’ll show them how to create a debt reduction plan. This is not a plan that requires them to eat Ramen Noodles every day and separate 2 ply toilet paper, however, it does require a personal commitment to make changes to the way they handle their money.

Their debt reduction plan will work right alongside their spending plan to insure they reach all of their financial goals. They’re in control - this is their plan!

We won’t miss a thing! We'll explore solutions to the common obstacles that they will encounter along the way, as well as, proven ways to accelerate their debt reduction process.

Your guests will leave this workshop with the knowledge, encouragement and inspirations to become and remain debt free.