Money Management

Many Americans routinely spend more than they make. Living paycheck to paycheck or even worse, using their credit cards to pay utilities, rent and other monthly expenses. For some, it seems like the only way to keep their head above water. They don't feel they have enough money to live and as a result they are going deeper into debt. The truth is, regardless of how much they earn or borrow, without a detailed plan for their money and some self-discipline it will never be enough.

Would you agree that even when people are broke they still spend money? It’s true. Even when someone is broke they have to buy food, clothing and other necessities. Having a practical and working spending plan can help the make ends meet.

There are two reasons a budget does not work. The first reason is people don’t follow it! The second reason is it's a bad budget. Many budgets only address the spending part of someone’s finances and they don't include the other necessary components to a healthy financial life style.

In this informative workshop, your guests will learn how to create a working budget. Plus, they will learn how our SMART savings program can help eliminate about 90% of their financial emergencies.

Your guests will leave this workshop with the knowledge, encouragement and inspirations to make better financial decisions.